Choose 5 colors for exterior painting of the house

5 Impressive color combinations for exterior painting of a house – Request a quote for home renovation and painting. One of the easiest ways to better highlight your home is the exterior painting of the house. With the right choice you can improve the aesthetics of your home and highlight it. Amazing 5 color combinations for an easy home exterior painting.

Before choosing any color, take a walk in your neighborhood and see what colors prevail and which would suit your home, so that it does not make so much contrast. Essentially, make your home unique without exaggerating and “highlighting” the color you choose.

Beyond the neighborhood, a key element to look out for is the overall look of your home in New Jersey. What materials have been used, what plants, what furniture, if it is located near a wooded area or near the sea, etc.

See below some tips and 5 color combinations to inspire your own home painting project by Gikas.

1. Elegance and nobility

Symmetrical houses leave a sense of nobility, especially with the right choice of colors. This house is framed by light colors, while the bright blue door breaks the ivory color of the house. The blue door highlights the elegant architecture of the house.

2. A dream home

The color of this house reflects the dreamy and the heavenly. The purple door gives a more playful and at the same time elegant style to the whole house. Although the cool blue color of our house leaves a “cold” feeling, the purple details balance the space causing warmth.

3. Sophisticated and elegant house

This blue-gray house reflects a refined and elegant style of residence. The traditional front door of a deep blue completes the aesthetics of the house. The traditional front door of a deep blue completes the aesthetics of the house.

4. Modern style

Most modern homes prefer neutral tones, but this one has combined boring gray with a cheerful yellow. The result is impressive. This particular house has combined the boring gray with a cheerful yellow.

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5. Warm earth red

If you are bold, choose this great and warm red for the exterior of your home. Its combination with the blue door and shutters gives a more aristocratic feel. Its combination with the blue door and shutters gives a more aristocratic feel.

More painting projects to get ideas for your own home

  • The red door gives a hint of warm color to this neutral home.
  • Cottage with wooden door. The wooden door is the most classic choice.
  • If you love romantic style then this house is made for you. See how nicely the colors are combined.Green house? The choice is one for the front door: Of course, coffee!
  • Purple and white are our favorite combination.
  • The dark houses match with white touches.
  • Mustard house with yellow door. Why not!
  • Blue house with yellow door. Incredible combination.
  • Yellow house with brown door. Extremely summery color.

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